Focus on Diversion and Recycling

Today, our region diverts less than 30% of waste away from disposal by reducing, re-using and recycling. We believe the West Carleton Environmental Centre will help to significantly increase the percentage of materials that are diverted for reuse and recycling.

Waste Management is proposing a new, integrated multi-purpose waste management facility to serve the City of Ottawa and the surrounding communities.

Waste diversion is the primary focus of the West Carleton Environmental Centre. This facility represents an entirely new approach to managing waste in our region. The proposed design is focused on dividing materials into distinct streams that will allow us to maximize re-use, recovery and recycling opportunities. This represents a significant step forward in how we can reduce our dependence on disposal and make our region a leader in Ontario in responsible waste management.

The proposed facility will be aligned with the City of Ottawa’s long-term waste management goals and the province’s environmental values and policy statements relating to zero waste, climate change and green energy creation. 

To pursue this vision, this facility will include a number of industrial, commercial and residential waste diversion operations that will maximize the value of the resources we receive. These include:


Material Recycling Facility (MRF): The Multi Recycling Facility will house the latest technology to sort and process paper, glass, plastics, metals and electronics that can be processed into products. The facility will help divert thousands of tonnes of material from disposal, reducing the need for new resources to create products.

Construction and Demolition Material Facility: This facility will receive construction and demolition materials for re-use and recycling. Many of the materials are valuable and can be re-used, thereby avoiding disposal. 


Organics Processing Facility: The composting facility will have the capacity to receive and process compostable waste from industrial, commercial and institutional sources. Garden Centr

Residential Diversion Facility: This facility will allow local residents to drop off household hazardous and electronic waste and household recyclables including scrap wood, plastic, metal, paper, drywall, concrete, paints, and more. These recyclables will be transported to the MRF or C&D facilities for processing. Residential Drop Off

Habitat for Humanity: We will expand our facility for Habitat for Humanity to collect used building and renovation materials as well as establish trailers for the Ottawa Mission for the collection of used clothing and household items.