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The Annual Reports provide summaries and analysis' of the operational activities and the environmental monitoring program at the Waste Management Ottawa Facility.

Please find below a copy of the March 6, 2008 Ottawa WMF Ambient VOC Monitoring Results - October 2007 to present. The report has been prepared in accordance with the Sept. 27, 2007 Minutes of Settlement. It is being distributed to the MOE, and the WCEC PLC. The Minutes of Settlement are also linked below.

In summary, the report has found that:

VOC concentrations around the WCEC are generally quite low and all below regulatory air quality standards.

Benzene levels are also quite low with the exception of a single anomalous Nov. 19th /07 reading of 29.45 ug/m3. This reading, while below the regulatory threshold of 50 ug/m3, triggered further evaluation (enclosed) under the terms of the Minutes of Settlement.

The evaluation has shown that the Nov. 19, 2007 reading was not representative of the general air quality at or around the Ottawa WMF and that the net landfill Benzene concentration continues to be a fraction of the regulatory threshold.

Ottawa WMF Ambient VOC Monitoring Report: March 6, 2008
Ottawa Landfill Settlement Agreement: September 27, 2007