Helping You Reduce Waste

At Waste Management, green is more than just the colour of our trucks and containers. It is a daily reminder to our over 3,000 employees across Canada of the important role each of us plays as stewards of the environment. Waste Management has a deep commitment to making a difference for the environment, for communities and for people.

As the largest recycler in North America, we manage over 7 million tonnes annually and we are committed to growing recycling. 

As North America’s largest recycler, we processed enough residential recyclables in our recycling facilities in 2006 to save more than 41 million trees and enough energy to power about 848,000 households.


It’s one thing to say we support recycling. It’s quite another to step up to the challenge of making it work. We’re working to make it easier for people to recycle. The Ottawa Region’s high-technology, environmentally-conscious focus helps make our eCycling program a success.

To us, to Think Green® means embracing the tremendous responsibility we have as leaders in our industry, to use our strengths, talents, resources and technologies to better the communities we live in and serve.

Think Green® everyday: reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink.