Odour Control

Landfill gas is generated as a result of the natural decomposition or organic material contained in household waste which comes into the landfill. Approximately 96 per cent of it is comprised of methane and carbon dioxide gases, which are odourless. The remaining four per cent of the landfill gas contains a fraction of odour-causing compounds – also called reduced sulphur-based compounds. Landfill gases are prevented from escaping into the atmosphere by a natural clay cover over the entire landfill and gas management systems. Waste Management has undertaken a construction program to manage gas and odours at the Ottawa Facility on Carp Road. The program, which began in early 2006 and is soon to be completed, is increasing capacity and efficiency to the existing gas collection and flaring system. The construction has to date resulted in a doubling of the landfill gas collection system, a tripling of the landfill gas destruction ability, and placement of approximately 12 hectares of additional clay capping.

RecyclingWaste Management is monitoring its expanded gas management system, and has engaged third-party landfill gas consultants to review the total landfill gas collection system and identify any changes required to enhance its efficiency. The company also hired a dedicated landfill gas technician to monitor and adjust the landfill gas field and flares on a daily basis. This ensures the system operates at peak performance.

Waste Management has stringent standards, policies and procedures to ensure a high level of standards for the operation of its landfill gas management system.

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